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The Sandler Selling System Methodology

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Accountability

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Creating and sustaining a comfortable atmosphere in which to do business is your responsibility.  

  • Develop a rapport with prospects.  

  • Have a sincere desire to help them solve problems, face challenges, or achieve goals.

  • Control the selling process by establishing up-front agreements with your prospects about the progression of the selling process, and who will be responsible for what.


Always be qualifying. 

  • Concentrate first on the degree of fit between what you have to offer and the prospect’s problem, challenge, or goal.
  • Determine if the prospect is willing and able to commit the necessary resources to acquire and use the product or service you will eventually propose.
  • Before you begin working on solutions and presentations, determine exactly how your offer will be judged—and by whom.


The objective of “closing” is to obtain a “yes” or “no” buying decision (or a decision to move to the next step in a multi-step decision process).

  • Closing activities only take place with prospects who have “survived” the qualifying stage and have agreed to make a decision at the conclusion of a presentation.
  • Presentations should focus only on the pains uncovered earlier in the process—nothing more; nothing less.
  • Post-Sell activities will “lock up” the sale and facilitate the transition of the relationship from buyer-seller to partners working toward a common goal of delivery.

Sandler's training consistently results in salespeople who:

  • Qualify stringently and close easily.
  • Efficiently identify and engage new prospects.
  • Control the development process and keep it moving forward.
  • Remove prospect stalls and objections from the selling landscape.
  • Eliminate eleventh-hour negotiations or demands for concessions.
  • Avoid making presentations to people who can't make the required investment or a buying decision.

Do you know how to avoid the three biggest sales mistakes you should never make?


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In Our Client's Own Words

Thom Dammrich
President, National Marine Manufacturers' Association

"Sandler's transforming us from an order-taking, operational kind of focus, to the sales culture that we need in our organisation in order to be successful.  

We could not have achieved those results without the tools that Sandler has provided."