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Sales Process

Sandler Milton Keynes' 'Sales Mastery' is attended weekly by entrepreneurs and professional salespeople from Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Hertfordshire. This week these business leaders voted at what they hate most when attending a talk. So here's a list of things to be aware of that will prevent you getting those referrals!

You’re meeting with a prospect. You’ve asked all the appropriate questions to uncover the prospect’s problem, concerns, desires, goals, and expectations. After fully analysing the situation, you announce with no hesitation whatsoever, “No problem. I have exactly what you need.”Add a little drama

Does the prospect gasp a sigh of relief, utter under his breath, “Thank goodness,” and pull a purchase order from the drawer? Perhaps in Grimm’s version of the story, but not in the real world.


Increasing revenue and closing more business is key to the success of any individual and business. We all believe we work hard to achieve this but are we making the best of our selling opportunities?

A sales template is defined as the step by step set of interactions you want your prospect to go through because it will give you a clear competitive advantage or otherwise increase the chances of you winning the business. An efficient sale system enables you to consistently achieve a desired outcome or set of outcomes without wasting time, energy, money etc. The most effective sales templates are basic enough to accommodate for change (focused on each stage of the sales meeting).