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Chris Davies

“Incompetent people can't know they're incompetent because their incompetence is the very thing that robs them of the ability to realise how incompetent they are”

Sandler Milton Keynes' 'Sales Mastery' is attended weekly by entrepreneurs and professional salespeople from Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Hertfordshire. This week these business leaders voted at what they hate most when attending a talk. So here's a list of things to be aware of that will prevent you getting those referrals!

Your mindset has more to do with your success than almost any other single element. There are plenty of salespeople who possess extensive product knowledge, have numerous influential business contacts, are well-spoken, and have appealing personalities, yet their sale performances are average… sometimes, only marginally acceptable.

A topic that keeps coming up time and again from salespeople is 'Gatekeepers'. You can have the best database in the world, the most scintillating 30 Second commercial but it will all count for nothing if your destiny is to send a brochure or dismissed to voice-mail hell. This suggestion might not fix every problem but its proven to improve results.

We’ve all been there, listening to another overrunning self-indulgent pitch. Blah blah blah. 5mins over time and the seat gets a little firm, you start to fidget. 10mins and you dream of an electrical failure to hide your escape. 15mins and you cogitate whether a harpoon or rubber handled mallet is the most appropriate tool to end their misery. Content? Well that’s long forgotten. We would never be guilty of that, ...... would we?

Ask salespeople to list their least favourite selling activities, and you can count on 'prospecting' being at the top! And, the least favourite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making cold calls.