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Poor presntation skillsThere are a thousand BLOGS and VLOGS out there giving their take on how to make great presentations or give the best free talk. But following a hectic Business Networking Calendar in 2018, I asked the professionals and leaders in my Sandler Sales Mastery class the sins they saw when they attended various sales events and to list the ones that pretty much guarantee that they will switch off. 

Far from conventional or perhaps not what you'd expect but here's a list of things you may not normally hear much about outside media training that can kill your best attempts to 'woo' your prospects at a talk, as voted for by leaders and pro's at the end of 2018. This is what they said.....

10 Sins to avoid when public speaking - by the 'Pro's'

  • #10 - No engagement with the audience e.g. no eye contact at all OR (worse?) 100% eye contact on one poor victim
    • Have you found yourself as the one person the speaker is focussing on? Cant escape/yawn/text your mates?
  • # 9 - Poor execution of techniques e.g. Asking questions of group but no flip-chart to write the answers down on
    • Other highlighted one was the 'sin' of getting suggestions from the audience, not liking what they hear, ignoring them and used their own
  • # 8 - Using the wrong or poor presentation tools (pen running out, using red pen, tiny flip-chart, small projector etc)
    • Book 1 Page 1 of giving talks - check facilities with organiser and construct/change your presentation. NOT do it anyway if they haven't got what you need!
  • # 7 - Talking too long and seriously overrunning the allotted time
    • It may be a great talk, possibly fantastic but people don't like being later or missing the end...
  • # 6 - Can't hear the speaker, can't understand a word they are saying
    • 'Can you hear me at the back?' Nerves getting in the way?
  • # 5 - The speaker reading the words out loud to the audience that we can already see on the slides!
    • Avoid taking 3 minutes to repeat what we took just 3 seconds to read. Coma inducing by the 3rd slide
  • # 4 - Simply being shown too many slides. 50 slides in 30 mins?
    • 'Teach someone a profession in 30 mins'? Too much content could be deadly and why take a meeting afterwards when you've shared all there is to know?
  • # 3 - "I try to listen but this is not relevant to me or my business"
    • There are probably several ways to say the point you are trying to make. Choose 3rd party stories perhaps that match the audience
  • # 2 - Oh God it's Dull Dull Dull !
    • If the speaker is bored then theres a fair chance so will the rest of us
  • # 1 TOP SIN - The speaker doesn't OWN THE MATERIAL - Obviously using someone else's words/slides/ideas without any passion or conviction. "These aren't my slides but......."
    • Inherited 'marketing' or 'company' presentations are well and good but use every chance you can to make the material your own.

What would be in your Top 10?

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