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Meet the Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you achieve the results you deserve.

Developing Expertise, Improving your Results and Confidence

Chris Davies has been in the sales industry for almost 40 years and an award winning training coach with Sandler for nearly 9 years. Sandler Milton Keynes (#sandlermk) is the longest serving licensed training centre in the region, coaching SMEs to Enterprise Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire territory. Helping Entrepreneurs, Owners, Sales Professionals, Sales Managers, CxO and MDs reach their full Sales & Leadership potential, exceed expectations and continue to grow.

Chris has a 30+ year career in Direct and Channel Sales and his speciality is delivering 'turnaround' of underperforming sales teams with declining or plateaued revenue performance by focussing on Growth Planning, People & Teams, Sales Process Efficiencies, Goal Metrics and Passion for the Business.

Addressing Challenges such as:

  • Dysfunctional Sales Pro's with the wrong competencies driving the wrong roles
  • Static, demotivating Sales processes and bonus plans
  • Reversing declining Sales due to misfortune, crisis or economy
  • Direct Sales Models working alongside 2 Tier Distribution Model
  • Under performance ingrained into culture with kickstart desired
  • Focus on Lagging Indicators with little Leading Indicator experience
  • Growing from 'Entrepreneur' to SMB and more

Award winning and international performance recognition with companies such as Sony, NEC, Toshiba, IBM, D-Link and others.

Natalie 'Nats' Matthews

I have been in B2B media sales for over 25 years but never thought sales was my career – just a job to pay my bills (till I found something better). Anyone who has worked in local newspapers would have experienced their very regular prospecting sales days which consisted of being stuck in the office, dressed as fairy – making a ton of calls and ringing bells when we get an order!

I would rather spend the day doing anything else, than doing these cold calls!

Today - working for Sandler MK (using their non-traditional sales techniques) I now spend 90% - 100% every day happily prospecting, getting through to CEO’s, MD’s and business owners for them to willingly share real issues and pains they/and their sales teams’ experience.

Kim McFadden

Kim runs classes across Europe bringing peace and nature back to peoples everyday lives. We are fortunate to also have time with Kim who heads our Strategic Customer Success course and Retail Customer Success program.

Kim trained with the Pizza Express Talent Academy as Trainer for their Customer Facing Teams and also works with StageCoach Performing Arts, Fox@Excel and others bringing the best out of people within the UK's vital service industry

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